You are using QuickBooks Desktop and you want to take a backup on the local device of your accounts, you tried to take a backup and it stuck or it’s not even initiated. No, worries, I will take you to all the steps that will help you take QB accounts backup in your local device.

If you are using QB Online then I would like to inform you that as QB Online is a cloud-based accounting platform it doesn’t allow you to take a local backup. However, you can always export your QB Online data files to your local devices.

Backup is a must-to-do work for all the QB users as your whole company accounts data is saved in QB and you should never compromise with it. So, its a very good practice to take a backup periodically.

Here I will show you the steps of how you can take QB backup manually.

  • Click on the File option, then click on Select to Single-use mode.
  • Select Bacup Company from the File menu and then select Create Local Backup.
  • Click on Local Backup in Create Backup window.
  • Open the Backup Options window by clicking on Options.
  • In the Tell us where to save your backup copies area select Browse and choose the location where you want to save the backup copies.
  • Now, go to the Online and Local Backup section, select to Remind me to backup when I close my company file. This will always keep you reminding you to take a backup.
  • Choose the data verification option from the section Select an option to verify that your computer data is OK.
  • Click on Ok.
  • To run backup Automatically click on Options from the Create Backup window. You will get multiple options there to run automatic backup depending on your preferences.
  • Now, in the Schedule Backup window select New to schedule your backup preferences.
  • Click on Ok
  • Select Finish then.

TADA! We are all done setting up a backup manually.

Things you should know while setting up the backup.

  • Always mention the date and time to the file name, that will always help you in sorting the backup. A newer backup has all the latest details till that date. So, by mentioning the date and time on the file name will be the right choice.
  • You can totally customize your automatic backup preferences in the Create Bacup window. You can set at what time, on what day automatic backup will run. This is how you will always keep in notice that your backup is ready.

You should always keep three option enabled for backup that is:

Backup Reminders

Automatic Backup

Scheduled Backup

In the above steps we have set up the backup and also enabled the backup reminders, automatic backup, and scheduled backup. This is how you are totally updated with your backup needs. Now, you can spend your time on your business with peace of mind and never need to worry about your data loss. With the above procedure, your backup will run automatically according to you.

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