SuperFetch is the program of Windows Vista. This technology manages your computer memory and runs apps more efficiently. It mainly focuses on RAM of your system which helps to run the program instantly.

To increase your system speed, it has to do three things:-

  • It decreases the Boot time.
  • It quickly loads some common apps.
  • It learns your usage pattern.


Superfetch is the technology which stores the files which you commonly uses in RAM because of this the program will start boot faster. But, superfetch is also dangerous for your computer because it uses its maximum ability to access the files. It cleans up the RAM and also stores the file which you recently accessed.

If you want to disable the Service Host then follow the below methods carefully. Both the methods are best just to follow their steps properly.

1. Disable it from Window Services

Step 1:- Press the Windows key + R these both keys together, the Run Dialogue box will appear.

Step 2:- Now, in the Run box type ‘services.msc’ and then press Enter. This will open the Services window.

Step 3:- Once you get the list of services, here find Superfetch.


Step 4:- Now, right-click on the Service and then click on its Properties option.

Step 5:- Now, after that click on the Stop button.

Step 6:- In the Properties, you will find a Menu name as ‘startup type’ from this Drop-down menu select Disabled option.


That’s it you have done. Now for checking to Go to Task Manager and then check the Disk Usage. I m sure it will be showing Normal.


If you are facing any problem with the above method then don’t worry. You can Disable the Service Host with the help of Windows Registry also.

Step 1:- Now, again press the Windows key + R both the keys together and after that, the Run Dialogue Box will appear.

Step 2:- In this Dialogue box type “Regedit” and then press Enter.

Step 3:- When Windows Registry pop-ups on your computer screen go to, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder.

Step 4:- Now, when you enter the folder follow this procedure

Got to SYSTEM after that click on CurrentControlSet, now here you will find the option Control  after that navigate to Session Manager > MemoryManagement > PrefetchParameters.


Step 5:- Now, double-click on the ‘Enable Superfetch’ option.

Step 6:- If you are unable to find the ‘Enable Superfetch’ then follow below steps:-

a) Right-click on the Folder name as PrefetchParameters.

b) Now, from the option open the New > DWORD value.

c) Now, enter the value as ‘0’ and after that press Enter to Disable it.

Step 7:- That’s it you have done. Now, you can close to the Registry Editor.

Now, Go to Task Manager and surely will not find this service anymore there.

I hope this article will be helpful to you and you have easily brought to your Disk usage as normal.  

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